Presentation of Policy Paper, “Civil Society in Cyprus: Building for the future”

The NGO Initiative in collaboration with the Commissioner for Volunteerism and NGOs and the INGO Conference of the Council of Europe presented the Policy Paper entitled ‘Civil Society in Cyprus: Building for the Future’ on 2nd of July 2015. The paper seeks to promote a discussion on how civil society in Cyprus can be energized, especially through measures that can be undertaken by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus and by civil society. In addition to this, it presents the current situation of Civil Society in Cyprus, the international standards and the vision for the empowerment of the organized Civil Society in Cyprus.

The paper identifies six challenges that need to be tackled in order to facilitate the empowerment of civil society in Cyprus, namely:

  • establishing a more positive perception of civil society organizations (CSOs) in the public opinion,
  • developing a modern legal framework,
  • securing sufficient access to resources,
  • developing organizational capacity,
  • promoting CSOs participation in decision-making,
  • ensuring that the legal rights of CSOs are upheld.

Specific recommendations – directed both to the Government and to Civil Society – are made to address these challenges and strengthen the organized Civil Society in order to promote the welfare of the citizens in Cyprus.

The paper is available at the NGO Initiative’s website http://ngo-ic.civilsocietyadvocates.org .

The program is supported by UNDP-ACT.

For more information contact the Project Officer, Rena Filippou on telephone number: 22660061 or email ngo.initiative.cyprus@gmail.com.