Announcement of Cyprus NGO Initiative, regarding the Policy Paper on the Empowerment of Civil Society in Cyprus

i 19 March, 2015 No Comments

The NGO Initiative in cooperation with the Commissioner of Volunteerism and NGO and the INGO Conference of the Council of Europe have drafted a Policy Paper entitled ‘Civil Society in Cyprus: Building for the Future’ which elaborates on how the State and Civil Society in Cyprus can work to create a more enabling environment for civil society in the island.

The Policy Paper is open to public consultations until the 17h of April 2015.
We call all members of Civil Society, Government officials and any other interested parties to submit their opinions, views, ideas or comments on the Paper by responding to this questionnaire.

For more information please contact the NGO Initiative at 22660061 or .
Cyprus NGO Initiative on Law Reform
March 24th 2015